Golden Street Affiliate Program FAQ

What is Golden Street Affiliates?
Our affiliate program was designed to empower website owners with powerful promotional materials to help them earn money from their websites. Our goal is to attract and maintain the best partners and customers with our excellent service. Our revenue sharing model is designed with both our partners and players in mind.

Are there any fees to join?
There are no fees to sign up for the affiliate program. Simply register with us, and you will be provided with an Affiliate ID. Next, you choose a payment option, and you are ready to start promoting the brand and sending players to our site.

How does the commision structure work?
The generous commission for working with Golden Street is up to 40%. In the online casinos gaming industry, we offer one of the highest commission amounts for loyal partners for players they bring to us

Do I need a website to be eligible?
All affiliates must own and operate a website to be eligible for our program. Potential affiliates must submit their site for review to qualified to become an affiliate with Golden Street.

What are my chances of being accepted?
Most website submitted by webmasters are accepted. We do take time to thoroughly inspect every site sent to us to make sure it is a good fit for our program.

Is this affiliate partnership exclusive?
No, the program is not exclusive.

If online gambling is illegal where I reside, am I still able to apply?
All webmasters have the right to promote and advertise online gaming. Promoting online gambling is legal anywhere.

Does just placing the link/banner/promotional material make me money?
As an affiliate, you would make money from the referral of a customer who plays in the casino. Placing a banner does not ensure you will get paid affiliate commission. A player must follow your link, banner or other promotional material. After following the link, they need to become an active player in the casino who uses real money to place bets.

Will I have to sign up for every casino website individually?
No, you will not need to sign up for each casino separately. You can market and promote all of our casinos with one account. You will be able to view all of the reporting from one central place.

When will I be approved or declined?
On average, it only takes about three business days for us to review your site and respond to your application.

Can you tell me how much I will earn?
How much you make is dependant on your website and how much work you put into marketing and promoting the program.

How do I start making commission?
After you are approved as an affiliate with us, we will send you an email with the information you will need to access our program. After receiving this email, you can access all of our promotional banners and other materials. Place the promotional links and materials on your website and when your visitors will be tracked via our affiliate links. After a visitor creates an account, plays with real money and bets on games, you can earn up to 40% of their gaming profits.

What is Golden Street Affiliates responsible for?
Our responsibilities include equipping our affiliates with the best marketing tools and constant assistance to gain vital clicks to our websites. You will be paid a commission for all customers you bring us, who play in the casinos.

As an affiliate, what are my responsibilities?
All you need to do is promote the casino by using the links and promotional materials we have created for you. Your top responsibility is making your website the best it can be to attract visitors.

Are affiliates able to post promotional material on message boards and forums?
No, this type of promotion on message boards or forums is considered unauthorized by Golden Street Affiliates. We will redirect any this traffic and affiliates will not get a commission from it.

What types of marketing is prohibited with this program?
Any spyware, adware or scumware traffic is not allowed. Affiliates are prohibited from using these types of program to generate traffic. If it is discovered a member is using any of these methods, they will be removed from our program. We reserve the right to place a hold on any commission and have the right to proceed with legal action against the affiliate doing these prohibited activities. As an affiliate, if you see or suspect any of these types of methods, please contact us immediately.

Can websites with adult content be submitted?
We prefer websites that have a more relevant and modest theme for our affiliate program. Mature and pornographic site are not allowed.

Can affiliates use email marketing tactics to promote?
Of course, email marketing is a great way to promote your website and our program. Keep in mind we do not tolerate any spamming. All email promotions must be legitimate and not spammy.

Will I lose any money in the casino?
There are times where the casino may lose money and also make money. However, this fluctuation is no risk to you. When a player wins in our casinos, you do not have to pay any of this. Golden Street does deduct winning amounts from your balance, but you are not required to pay us back. The Golden Street Affiliate program is catered to long-term partners and can be very profitable in time.

Is the affiliate program and casino safe?
Partner and player safety and security is our top priority. We use secure 128 bit SSL data encryption to protect all private information, credit card information and more. We uphold the highest security measures to make sure information is protected at all times.

Starting with Golden Street Affiliates

Now that I have been approved, what is next?
Congratulations and welcome to Golden Street Affiliates. Once you have been approved, you may start promoting immediately. Once you log into your account, you will be able to grab banners, links, and other promotional materials. You will see a download banners button once you are logged into your Golden Street Affiliates account. Publish these materials on your website and get ready for the excitement to begin!

How do I update my contact information?
Once you are logged into your account, click where it says “modify account”. You can change all of your personal information in this area. Click the update info button when you are finished.

How do i update my payment information?
Just log in to your Golden Street Affiliate account and click the “modify link” button. Once in this section, you can update your payment method. We accept Wire Transfers, Bank Drafts, and NETeller. Make sure to click the “Update Info” when you are ready to save your payment information.

How can I change my password?
Once logged into your account, click “Modify Account.” When you are in this section, you will need to change both password fields and enter your new password. Click “Update Info” to save any password changes.

How can I take advantage of the sub-affiliate (2nd tier) program?
Sub-Affiliates are a person besides yourself who markets and promotes our brands which is a step under you. Any affiliate who is beneath you will give you extra commission based on their performance. Sub-affiliates are eligible for the same rates as regular affiliates. If you sign up the sub-affiliate, you will be awarded an extra 5% based on the commission the sub-affiliate brings us. Finding sub-affiliates is a great way to boost your earnings. Please contact us if you have any questions about how this works.

Am I able to update my username?
At this time we do not allow any username changes or updates. When you sign up, the username you selected is permanent. Take time when creating your account to choose a suitable username for your needs.

Will tools be available for me to promote and market?
We pride ourselves on the variety and quality of promotional materials we create for affiliates. There is a wide variety of banners, links and other promos. You can find these promotional banners and link in your account. Our Marketing Tools section is another place where you can find additional marketing tools. We keep our affiliates updated with newsletters, bonuses and other news about our program.

Does Golden Street Affiliates assist in maintaining my website(s)?
All updating and maintaining of affiliate website is the responsibility of the webmaster. We are not responsible for keeping affiliate websites up to date.

Golden Market Affiliate Reporting and Stats

How do I find my tracking code?
Every Golden Street Affiliate will have their designated tracking code, and they can create multiple unique codes. Using your unique tracking code is imperative to getting a commission from players who you send to our site. To create a tracking link, you must create a profile. A profile is how we check and track all of the traffic

How do I find my tracking code?
Every Golden Street Affiliate will have their own designated tracking code(s), and they can create multiple unique codes. Using your unique tracking code is imperative to getting a commission from players who you send to our site. To create a tracking link, you must create a profile. A profile is how we check and track all of the traffic

Creating a profile:

Step 1: Sign in to your account and find the “Banner settings” option.

Step 2: Click on “Create Your Ow Profile.” This option is located towards the lower section of the page. If you are looking to create an additional code, you will have the option to either edit an existing code or use the “Create Your Own Profile” option to create another code.

Step 3: Add all of the requested information, and when you are finished you will see a “Create Profile” button, make sure to click on this.

Step 4: Highlight and copy the HTML that was generated, paste this code on your website.

Am I able to create and use multiple tracking codes?
Affiliates can create multiple tracking codes, so use as many as you need.

Do I have the ability to view the success of my campaigns?
Of course! Our intuitive tracking tools and reports give affiliates all the information they need to track their earnings. Affiliates can view any commissions and see other vital statistics.

How are my affiliate referrals tracked?
All affiliates create a unique affiliate code(s) after signing up for our program. The affiliate code is a referral link which tracks players activity from your site into our website. The player that is referred is tracked by your unique tracking code. The tracking code can be added to a banner or other type of promotional material. If the player visits our casinos via your referral link, you will receive credit when the player uses the casino.

Am I able to check if my tracking code is working correctly? Where can I see my referral tracking information?
If you have any concern about your tracking codes functioning correctly, please email us. We will need the URL of your website and where all of the links are located. We can check to make sure the links are working correctly.

When and how often are stats updated?
We provide updated stats live and in real time.

What is displayed on the statistics page?
You will find a variety of comprehensive statistics for all of our affiliates. These statistics are also available in real time, and you can view them as often as you please. We share information about impressions, signups, downloads and the amount of your commission. With these details, affiliates can make decisions about how well their campaigns are performing and make changes and improvements to the placement of their affiliate codes and banners.

Where can i view earnings for previous months?
To view your monthly earnings log into your account, click on the “Monthly Earnings” button. Next, selected the start and end date you wish to view and click the “Display Earnings” button.

Where can i view click statistics and data?
To view click stats, you must be logged into your account. Next click on the button that says “Traffic Stats.” Once you are in this tool, you can view the details for a specific period, casino, profile and create an order in which you wish to view it. The final step is to click on “Show Stats,” and your report is ready to view!

If I play any casino games online will I receive commission from this activity?
No, if you are a partner of Golden Street you are not eligible for any percentage of your winnings as a player. If you use your affiliate link for personal gaming purpose, your account will be closed. We welcome you to play any casino games. However, you will not be able to get any percentage of those winnings. If you have questions about this topic, please reach out to us, and we would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have.

Is there a reason I am not seeing a change in my online stats?
Our database which pulls all stats is frequently updated and may take a few hours to refresh. You will be able to view the dates and times it was updated by checking the stats area of the page.

What is the reasoning for not seeing a player in my account reporting, when I am confident they clicked on my link?
Reporting from our end is updated on a regular basis and may take a few hours to show activity. The updated information on a player will display within 24 hours, and this is after a confirmed deposit is made. Keep in mind delays may happen. However, if do not see the player on your account reporting after 24 hours, please contact us. When you contact us, please make sure to send the player’s email address and phone number. We will review the records and sort out any issues.

Where can I find totals of my earnings?
You can view your earnings 24/7 by logging into your secured account. The Affiliates stats page will display your earnings.

Financial Information

What is “net gaming” mean at Golden Street Affiliates?
You can view your earnings 24/7 by logging into your secured account. The Affiliates stats page will display your earnings. The term Net Gaming refers to the gross bet total minus the payout. The “net gaming” is determined by client programs and comes from all real money transactions which come from an affiliate link. If there are chargebacks or returns they are removed from the “net gaming” total, also, this pertains to sign up bonuses and other promotions.

How and when do I get paid?
Webmasters are paid the following month via the payment option you have selected.

Is there a minimum amount for my check to be cut?
The smallest amount we can cut a check for is $50. If an affiliate has anything lower than this, the funds will roll over until the next month for review.

Can I view my earnings?
You can view your earnings at any time as well as how many players you have brought in as well as how much the players have spent in our casinos.

If I have a negative balance what will happen at the end of the month?
When a player who you have referred wins in any of our casinos, and you have a negative balance at the end of a commission period, this balance is not carried over. Every month and all negative balances are reset to zero.

Will Golden Street allow commissions to be deposited into my personal casino account?
We would be happy to deposit your earnings into your player account. For this to happen, please contact us and we will set it up for you.

In my account, I see there are real players signed up. However, I don’t see any commissions.

What is the reason for this?
A player must wager with real money and open a complete account for affiliates to receive a commission. The reason for you not seeing any commission earnings could be due to stats not being updated or that the player did not wager any real money or it could be they haven’t lost any. Check the stats at a later time, to see if they have been updated.

What is the reason for seeing zero net gaming totals, but many new accounts active?
When viewing the stats you many see multiple new registered accounts and downloads, but this does not mean the player has been active in the casino. A player must deposit money and play for you to see a net gaming total. Some players may never make a deposit.

Additional Information

How can I close my affiliate account?
We would hate to see you go, but if you would like to close your Golden Street Affiliates account, please email us and let us know you want your account closed. We need this request via email with your full name, address, and username.

What is your spam policy?
We strongly prohibit spamming in all cases and situations. If any affiliate is identified as a spammer or is seen spamming any of our banners, links or promotional materials, we have the right to close their account, and they will no longer be able to participate in our program. We also reserve the right to cancel any commision payments.

Will I be able to run special promotions for my potential customers?

Am I able to send my website visitors exclusive promotions?
If you are interested in any special or exclusive promotions for your website, please email us your proposal. Depending on our resources, we may be able to offer something of this nature.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!