How to Start

There are no fees to join the Golden Street Affiliate program, and it is entirely free. Starting is a quick and easy process. Below are the steps to joining our team:

• Just click on “my account” and next click on the “register” button and fill out your information.
• Next, you can you can select a banner and create a tracking code for promoting thebrand.
• The final step is publishing the banners, links and other promotional material on your website, easy as that! If you need any help creating your account, please reach out, and we are happy to help.

Golden Street Commission

By referring players to our websites, you can earn up to 40% of the shared revenue, and the commission is based on the net gaming amount from the player. The Rival gaming affiliate software makes this possible, and there is no other obligation to you. This is more beneficial than 3rd party affiliate programs. Every month you can make residual income of up to 40%. To earn this, the players you have referred need to continue playing.

If at any time an account has no earnings or negative earnings, we reset that to zero at the beginning of the following month. All brands are considered separate. So, if your profits for one brand are $200 and you have -$500 from another brand, the total commission for that month would be $200.


All payments are delivered the following next month to the payment option chosen. Payments will be made by the end of the following month. Golden Street Affiliates offers partners many different payment options and our objective is to make sure all payments are on schedule. We offer a variety of payment methods to ensure our affiliates are paid on time. Contact us via Skype or email if you have any questions about payments.

Reviewing Reports, Traffic and Income

Golden Street Affiliates empowers all partners with marketing tools, which are always available to them on our website. Our partners can review reports whenever they wish. The reporting we offer is in depth, and you will have access to all of your income, web traffic stats and much more. Reporting is easy to use and detailed, you can review how well a banner is performing and measure other successes basted of dates of campaigns